Central Hall

Our main hall, with a capacity of 200 people, is a comfortable space with neutral colours for any occasion. We offer a full-service bar with smiling servers and also have a portable stage along with lighting and sound available for rentals as well. Central Hall rentals include tables and chairs with tablecloths available for rent at an additional cost. One door in this hall provides access to our community playground, while the other provides access to our fenced-in outdoor grounds and gazebo.

Conference room

Our conference room boasts a large customizable board table and seating that can be used for meetings, presentations, workshops, craft lessons and more. A projector can be set up for renter use at no extra cost. The maximum capacity of our conference room is 27 people.

Games room

Our games room boasts a new pool table, shuffle board table and dartboards to provide a fun area to socialize or for community groups to hang out in. This room has a maximum capacity of 54 people.

Maclean room

Also the location of our community internet access point (C@P site), the Maclean room has a maximum capacity of 58 people. This room features a large customizable board table, two computer stations and can also include a projector and screen. This room provides a large and convenient work space for meetings and training sessions.


Our commercial kitchen boasts immaculate cleanliness and all that you or a caterer will need for any event. We have a state-of-the-art commercial dishwasher and two ovens to assist with any cooking and cleaning needs. All cutlery and tableware are available with kitchen rentals, as are 30-cup and 100-cup coffee and tea urns, to provide hot beverages to guests. Whether you need a wedding meal served, want to host a cooking class or are looking to use the kitchen to produce commercial meals, we’ve got you covered.


Our mid-size gymnasium, with a maximum capacity of 144 people, is a great space for rambunctious birthday parties, a pick-up game of floor hockey or dodgeball, yoga and so much more. We have a selection of gym equipment including basketballs, volleyballs, hockey nets and sticks/balls, floor mats for tumbling and more.